Fitness and Nutrition Professionals Live Well with Beef

Posted on May 30, 2013

AUSTIN, TX – More than 30 health and fitness experts recently joined the Texas Beef Council (TBC) for Live Well 2014.  The workshop provided an opportunity to connect with online communicators who are fitness professionals, fitness-focused registered dietitians, pro-triathletes and trainers. Importantly, the invite-only workshop gave attendees a chance to learn more about beef nutrition, test their cooking skills and meet some of the nation’s leading nutrition, specifically protein, researchers.

“The Live Well workshop explored the latest protein research, culinary trends and effective communication techniques that can help Texans celebrate food for simple, strong and better living,” said Jennifer Matison,TBC senior manager of consumer information.   “The workshop content was designed to educate and provide meaningful solutions to help attendees and their clients enjoy nutrient-rich foods that can support a healthful, balanced and active lifestyle.”

The Live Well workshop included several presentations on new nutrition research related to foods that fuel better health, including lean protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables, as well as interactive exercises to help translate research and culinary trends and apply the learnings to the attendees’ communications efforts.

“Live Well allowed the beef checkoff to network and connect with fitness and health professionals who not only communicate with their clients, but also potentially reach millions online with nutrition and health advice,” said Coleman Locke, TBC board chairman and cattleman from Hungerford, TX.  “The goal was to share practical information on how beef can fit into a healthy diet and lifestyle.  This unique opportunity allows that to happen.”

Working with influential nutrition and fitness professionals allows the beef checkoff to have a larger impact and reach.  Throughout the workshop attendees shared their experiences using a variety of social media platforms.  Post-event surveys indicated a significant increase in likelihood of recommending beef to their clients and followers.


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