Students Attend Checkoff-funded Texas Youth Cattle Conference

Posted by Misty Martin on September 12, 2016

AUSTIN, TX – Thirteen students from across Texas attended the inaugural Texas Youth Cattle Conference June 13-15, 2016 in South Texas. Members of junior cattle breed associations, Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassadors program, and Texas FFA Association were selected to attend the conference through an application process.

“This program is a great opportunity to engage with the next generation of leaders in our industry,” said Jason Beyer, chairman of the Texas Beef Council (TBC) board of directors. “These students had the unique opportunity to see the entire beef industry first-hand, learn from industry experts, further develop their passion, and ultimately become advocates for the beef community.”

The three-day conference took place in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Kingsville. Students attended a leadership workshop and were treated to a Corpus Christi Hooks baseball game to start the conference. It included tours of Kane Beef Processors and the historic King Ranch. While visiting Texas A&M University - Kingsville, students participated in Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) demonstrations, meat science fabrication and beef evaluation. The conference concluded with tours and trainings at the Whataburger headquarters and the HEB Training Center in San Antonio.

Students will continue to impact the beef industry through individual projects that focus on their passion within the industry. Guided by TBC staff and an industry mentor, each project will be executed by the students in their schools, associations and communities across the state. The projects will differ based on student interest and industry need.

Attending the 2016 Texas Youth Cattle Conference: Bailey Baade, 4-H Livestock Ambassador; Travis Bonner, 4-H Livestock Ambassador; Austin Brown IV (Cuatro), Junior American Akaushi Association; Heather Brown, Texas Junior Red Angus Association; Whitney Choate, Texas Junior Red Angus Association and Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association; Jane Hunt, Orange Grove FFA; Payton Meuth, Texas Junior Simmental-Simbrah Association; Adam Myers, Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association; Kodye Neel, 4-H Livestock Ambassador; Carlye Rodenbeck, Texas Junior Simmental-Simbrah Association; Kodi Schroeder, 4-H Livestock Ambassador; Randa Taylor, Texas Junior Limousin Association; Morgan Thomas, 4-H Livestock Ambassador.


The Texas Beef Council (TBC) conducts the $1 per head national checkoff program for Texas beef producers and is also the contractor for the Beef Promotion Research Council of Texas (BPRCT), which administers the $1 per head Texas state checkoff program. TBC’s mission is to increase beef demand in the state through programs of beef promotion, research and education. TBC also helps fund national and international beef checkoff programs to increase marketing opportunities around the globe. The BPRCT’s mission is to improve Texas producer profitability by strengthening and expanding beef demand. The TBC and the BPRCT are directed by a 20-member board of cattlemen and women representing the state’s beef producers. For more information on this and other checkoff-funded programs, please visit or call 800- 846-4113.