Board Member Spotlight: Brandi Richards

Brandi Richardson

Brandi Richards

Represents: Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Hometown: Hereford, Texas


Can you tell me about your operation?

I’m a 3rd generation cattle woman who, alongside my husband, owns and manages Diamond Cattle Feeders, a 17,000 head feedyard in Hereford, TX. We have two daughters, Madalyn and Lucy, who are incredibly active in school and basketball, and we rodeo with the girls throughout the year. Madalyn was most recently the NHSRA World Champion in Goat Tying. Alongside being a business owner and raising two amazing daughters, I’ve also been working in veterinary product sales since 1992. I currently work for Boehringer Ingelheim where I sell cattle vaccines, antibiotics and dewormers to cattle producers in the Texas Panhandle.


What has been your involvement with the Texas Beef Council?

I have served on the Texas Beef Council for 5 years representing the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.


What initiatives have you been involved with that make you most proud?

TBC makes me proud. The staff is amazing and how they utilize our Checkoff funds is remarkable. My favorite program is the MD Outreach program. The peer-reviewed nutritional research TBC reps share with doctors and their clients are more than relevant, it’s vital in the quest to change the perception of beef.


What other organizations have you been involved with, both now and in the past?

I am a past member of the Texas Ag Leadership Program and serve as a parent advisor on the Student Health Advisory Committee at Vega High School. I am a former president of Region 2 Texas Jr. High Rodeo Association (TJHRA) and have served on the TJHRA State Board of Directors.


What would you say to someone who is looking to get involved in the Texas Beef Council?

What are you waiting for? There are group  who don’t agree with the Beef Checkoff. Being a TBC board member, I have learned tools to help spread accurate information and support smart, genuine people who are promoting beef.

I believe every beef producer should take the opportunity to learn about the Texas Beef Council. I leave every meeting amazed at the creativity of the programs, the efficiency of the staff and am so proud of their relentless pursuit of judiciously utilizing the checkoff dollars. Everybody should know how their Checkoff dollars are being used. TBC continuously shares with producers on how their checkoff dollars are being used. They do this by sharing the programs and the reach of those programs with everyone through multiple communication avenues. This information is at the tip of Texas beef producers’ fingers. Just Google “Beef Loving Texans” or contact a TBC board member. We are happy to share the exciting programs of TBC, from high school culinary arts programs to hosting foreign chefs or how beef fits in the virtual grocery cart. The information is here and available!


How would you describe the Beef Checkoff program to someone not in the beef industry?

The beef industry has taken it upon themselves to promote their products to consumers. Our Beef Checkoff dollars increase demand for beef.


How do you personally share the work the checkoff is doing with other producers?

Sharing TBC programs with my customers feels awesome and, normally, most are unaware of the newest programs. I am glad to be able to talk to them about something other than a cattle vaccine or the weather.