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Bringing Texans To The Table

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) is building beef-loving communities by engaging consumers, chefs, health influencers, and more with demand-driving programs. We work to bring Texans to the table over a shared love of beef through promotion, research and education.

The successes below—created, funded, and supported by your Beef Checkoff—are what help keep beef in its strongest state. For a full report on TBC programs across Texas, view the 2023 Annual Report. Cattle producers can also sign up for Cattle Talk to receive straightforward news, detailed insights and transparent results on how your Beef Checkoff dollars are utilized in Texas and across the nation.

Beef Returns To TV With BBQuest

BBQuest is back! In the third season of TBC’s award-winning series, Kelsey Pribilski and Jess Pryles are taking on a new quest – Beyond the Pit – to delve deeper into the world of Texas barbecue than ever before. Throughout the series they visit pitmasters and cattle ranchers to experience a day in the life of the people who make it all possible.


2.9 million

total views


hours watched

Hitting Doctor's Offices With Beef Education

Medical professionals, who frequently make diet-related recommendations to their patients, now have direct access to the latest research on how beef fits in a heart-healthy lifestyle. Using the expertise of four former pharmaceutical sales reps in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, TBC calls on medical offices to deliver science-based information regarding the inclusion of beef in a healthy diet and provide complementary patient educational materials.



Medical offices

reached across Texas



with medical staff

Driving Demand Across The Globe

From short ribs to variety meats like tripe and livers, there is a market for U.S. beef across the globe. In partnership with the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, beef is gaining new market access and making it to the plates of international customers.


Every $1 invested internationally

returned $21

in u.s. beef sales

4.6 million lbs.

of U.S. Beef Sales Generated

By International Campaigns

Brisket Picnic

2023 Annual Report

Review TBC's Annual Report to see all the ways Beef Checkoff dollars were invested to encourage all Texans to be beef-loving Texans. The document is a summary of 2023 beef education, promotion and research programs funded by the $1 per head national and $1 per head state Beef Checkoff programs.

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