Promotion, Research & Education

How are your Beef Checkoff dollars being invested? Check out the programs executed on your behalf to keep beef top of mind for consumers across Texas.


2022 Annual Report

A summary of 2022 beef education, promotion and research programs funded by the $1 per head national and $1 per head state Beef Checkoff programs.


2021 - 2025 Long Range Plan

The 2021-2025 Long Range Plan's mission is to strengthen demand for beef as the world’s most preferred and trusted protein. See how it's guiding TBC.

BBQuest Filming

BBQuest Season 3 - Now Streaming!

BBQuest host Kelsey Pribilski will be joined by co-host and Season 1 alum Jess Pryles. Together, the two will delve even deeper into the world of Texas barbecue, discovering stories of dedicated pitmasters and ranchers who make the state’s favorite staple so special while enjoying some delicious meals along the way.

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