COVID-19 Response

July 2020  |  Program Adjustments

Texas Beef Council (TBC) is aware of the current market conditions and is adjusting the short-term strategic direction of programs. The Beef Checkoff is designed to build demand for beef products, and TBC will continue to proactively and efficiently invest checkoff dollars to promote beef to consumers while the world deals with the novel coronavirus.  

We are evaluating real-time digital insights and analytics about consumer behavior and trends to efficiently and effectively adjust TBC programs to meet consumer needs and successfully continue to inspire beef meals. Below is a summary of program changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BLT Advertising & Content

  • The ‘All Plates of Life’ advertising campaign is still being implemented as planned through programmatic digital and streaming TV. 
  • Paid and social communication for Beef Loving Texans will focus on freezer meals, leftovers, cooking at home, and ground beef.  
  • The Texas Monthly content partnership highlighting three long-standing Texas food companies will continue as planned, but we're rewriting the text to be more mindful and relevant to our foodservice/restaurant situation. We'll encourage take out and restaurant support in the text. 
  • BBQuest Season 3 production will be delayed for 90 days. This will inevitably push production, post, and launch.
  • We're creating new topics for TV cooking segments to be more relevant to what people need like recipes with few, simple ingredients.
  • Texas Beef Team is using its reach to help fight hunger in Texas communities during COVID-19. Team members have been challenged to volunteer or donate food at their local food bank. Members have been encouraged to donate foods that will nourish people during these difficult times such as whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and beef.

Nutrition & Health

  • Social media outreach to nutrition professionals has been altered to reflect the needs and opportunities that are relevant to the current situation. 
  • Staff is engaging with health professionals through virtual educational opportunities and meetings, as well as digital marketing while continuing to provide evidence-based information related to beef in a healthy diet.
  • Staff has worked with dietetic internship directors to share the Raw Truth About Beef program with the accompanying dietetic curriculum resource and assist in integrating this into their learning plans, many of which are currently restricted to virtual or remote formats. This outreach will continue on a state and national level.


  • In-store program launches are expected to begin for August and September including: St. Genevieve Wine and Fiesta spice in-store offer; 'Taco like a Texan' program with iHeart Radio and Gallo Wine; Partner programs with Albertsons 


  • The Texas ProStart High School Culinary Educators Training Conference will be held virtually starting in July with all demos and sessions being available on-demand for attendees. TBC will hold numerous sessions during the conference talking all things beef and also promoting our online education series The Raw Truth about Beef.
  • Texas Chefs Association and The American Culinary Federation conventions have been moved to a virtual platform. TBC will hold numerous education sessions including a panel discussion at the ACF Convention focused on the impacts of COVID-19 on the beef supply chain and insights on navigating through the disruptions.
  • The brand new Beef Loving Chefs Podcast launches in late-July with new episodes scheduled each week for a total of ten episodes in season one.
  • Also to keep engaged with the Texas Foodservice community, staff is working with Texas Chefs to produce chef-driven beef culinary demos and content for distribution across TBC social media channels along with distribution of new Beef Loving Chefs merchandise to chefs across the state. 
  • Staff will continue to push out educational opportunities for chefs in the form of Raw Truth About Beef online immersion experiences. Promotion and distribution of Raw Truth materials for culinary teachers, ag teachers, and dietetic internship coordinators will continue throughout Texas and the nation as distance learning increases. 

U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) International Programs

  • USMEF, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, works with countries worldwide to increase U.S. beef exports, and they are accustomed to the constant change in the international marketplace. The team is adjusting its messaging accordingly as the situation differs from country to country. The team has seen shifts in demand from foodservice to retail and delivery in Asia but also sees foodservice demand slowly rebounding. They continue to emphasize the integrity of U.S. beef and the reliability of the U.S. as a trading partner. Although some key international events have been canceled, USMEF’s 19 worldwide offices are conducting events as allowed in their respective countries, and if that changes, will switch to online/webinar-based conversations.

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