2021-2025 Long Range Plan


Grow Consumer Trust in Beef
  1. Ensure beef’s inclusion in dietary recommendations.
    1. Educate medical, diet and health professionals, and K-12 educators about beef and beef production.
  2. Reinforce beef’s positive sustainability message.
    1. Promote the positive contribution the beef cattle industry makes to nutrient-dense, healthy and sustainable food systems and educate health professionals, K-12 and post-secondary educators, and supply chain influencers on the net environmental impact of beef and beef production.
  3. Align and collaborate with partners to tell the positive story of beef and beef production.
    1. Engage experts in developing fact-based messaging about animal care, beef industry sustainability, beef safety, and nutrition and identify, train, and develop grassroots representatives to serve as trained industry spokespeople.
  4. Invest in food safety, product quality, and nutrition research.
    1. Engage with organizations and private entities to support research to drive improvement in food safety, product quality, and nutrition science.
  5. Strengthen and protect beef’s reputation as a safe and wholesome product.
    1. Maintain and enhance crisis management and coordinated response plans, and monitor and coordinate media and public responses to issues that threaten the beef industry’s credibility and/or reputation.
Promote and Capitalize on the Multiple Advantages of Beef
  1. Promote the role of beef in a healthy and sustainable diet.
    1. Expand marketing and education efforts highlighting the role of beef in a healthy lifestyle and sustainable diet.
  2. Capitalize on innovative and convenient beef purchasing experiences.
    1. Build collaborative beef promotion partnerships to increase trial and usage, promote online marketing solutions, and engage customers in more interactive purchasing experiences.
  3. Implement strategic marketing campaigns focused on the highest opportunity market segments to communicate beef’s advantages.
    1. Develop target messaging that positively resonates with the highest opportunity market segments across media and promotional platforms to communicate beef’s compelling value proposition.
Drive Growth in Beef Exports
  1. Collaborate with targeted partners to invest in marketing and education programs that promote the unique attributes of U.S. beef and address export customer needs and values.
    1. Support industry partners to leverage Texas’s brand equity. and promote the unique attributes of U.S. beef in foreign markets.
Grow Stakeholder Trust in Checkoff
  1. Increase stakeholder knowledge and support of the national and state checkoff programs.
    1. Educate Texas beef producers on the impact of state and national checkoff-funded programs.
  2. Engage industry partners to amplify checkoff messages.
    1. Cultivate relationships with industry partners and encourage them to share checkoff information.

The Board of Directors and TBC staff have completed a new five-year Long Range Plan to guide our work, grow our industry, and be good stewards of your checkoff funds. In any industry, it’s important to take a hard look at where you’ve been, where you are today and where you want to go in the future. The resulting plan is a useful tool with targeted growth strategies that will help guide TBC.

- Brad Hastings, TBC Chairman