Raw Truth About Beef

The Raw Truth About Beef: Evolving Education

Today’s educators in health, culinary arts and agriculture are working harder than ever. Staying on top of the newest information and sciences surrounding beef, filtering out facts from myths and doing it all in a complicated, distance format.

The Raw Truth About Beef is here to help.

Created to support the growing of consumer trust in beef and beef production, one of the Texas Beef Council’s (TBC) core strategies, The Raw Truth About Beef experience is a six-part online video series that goes behind-the-scenes to share the clear and present truths within six fundamental areas of the beef industry: a purebred rancha cow/calf rancha feedyarda processing and distribution facilitya grocer and finally, a restaurant.

Each area leverages ranchers and industry experts who reveal the best practices and modern training that culinary, health and ag professionals need to know – from how cattle are raised to how beef becomes a safe, nutrient-dense protein source.

But TBC knows educators today need more than slick production values.

In response to the increased demand of online learning resources, TBC has evolved The Raw Truth About Beef experience into a standards-aligned, interactive learning platform, complete with a growing library of educational resources for agriculture and culinary teachers to use with a variety of online learning management systems. These downloadable resources cover a wide range of topics, from antibiotic use in cattle and beef sustainability to more casual information such as understanding beef cuts and marbling.

“We applaud teachers for doing the critical work of still caring for and educating students in the midst of this global crisis. We’re proud to provide a resource that can be an ‘easy button’ for teachers to provide meaningful, educational experiences for students,” said Richard Wortham​, executive vice-president of the Texas Beef Council.

Geared toward high school students studying culinary arts, health and nutrition and agriculture, educators can also find a comprehensive activity guide to show them how they can use The Raw Truth About Beef to strengthen their current curriculum. TBC uses this learning platform to reach out to non-formal educators as well-meaning those in 4-H, educational summer camps and after-school programs.

Better still, students aren’t the only ones benefiting from the experience. The Raw Truth About Beef experience has been approved to allow culinary, health and education professionals to earn continuing education hours to put towards renewing their certification with either the American Culinary Federation or the Commissions on Dietetic Registration.

When it comes to arming the next generation of culinary, health and agricultural leaders with powerful truths about your product, process and operation – there’s no better win-win than The Raw Truth About Beef.