TBC News

December 28, 2021

Board Member Spotlight: Richard Winter


richard winter

Represents: Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Hometown: Canyon


Can you tell me about your operation?

I serve as manager of Quien Sabe Feeders, a 65,000-head capacity custom feedyard located near Happy, Texas. It is owned by a group consisting of the Mike Smith group and Berry Cattle Company.

Being located in the heart of the Texas cattle feeding region, Quien Sabe enjoys the opportunity to market cattle to the three largest cattle processing companies of the livestock states, which allows for a smooth transition from the feedyard to further processing to the consumer.


What has been your involvement with Texas Beef Council (TBC)?

This is my second year on the TBC board. As a Director it’s in my best interest to be involved and help ensure the future of agriculture, especially the beef industry, is moving in the right direction for generations to come.


What initiatives have you been involved with that make you most proud?

Being involved in the effort to decide the beef genome, which I believe will have a long-term impact on understanding many animal health and beef quality questions and concerns that continually challenge us going forward. I’m also proud to represent cattle producers in Texas to ensure their investment in the Beef Checkoff is spent wisely.


What other organizations have you been involved with, both now and in the past?

I have served two years on the TBC board, the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board for six years (serving on the executive committee the final year), and have been selected to serve on the Texas Cattle Feeders Association board twice.


What would you say to someone looking for a way to get involved in advocating for beef?

Young people joining 4-H, FFA, local and state agriculture organizations will lay the groundwork for understanding cattle production and agriculture. One must have a passion for the industry and look beyond their self-interests to benefit agriculture.


How would you describe the Beef Checkoff program to someone not in the beef industry?

The Beef Checkoff works as a group effort to increase consumption and desire for beef across the state, country and globe.


How do you personally share the work the Checkoff is doing with other producers?

I support people who don't know what TBC does by explaining the need for promotion of our product, how Beef Checkoff dollars are invested and the benefits achieved by doing so.