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Ensuring beef is included in dietary recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

TBC educates health professionals and K-12 educators about beef nutrition and beef production. By partnering with trusted health professional membership organizations, and disseminating science-based beef information, it helps to amplify third-party endorsements of beef's inclusion in a healthy diet. Positioning beef as part of a healthy diet helps to ensure health professionals and educators are confident in recommending beef as part of a balanced diet.


TBC ensures that the latest research showing how beef fits in a heart-healthy lifestyle is shared with medical professionals who frequently make diet-related recommendations to their patients. Utilizing the expertise of four former pharmaceutical sales reps in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, TBC calls on medical offices to deliver science-based information regarding the inclusion of beef in a healthy diet and provide complementary patient educational materials.


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TBC’s MyPlate initiative supports nutrition educators as they promote health and teach USDA's dietary guidelines through MyPlate in a fun, colorful, and interactive way. These educational materials showcase an appetizing, healthy meal that illustrates a balanced meal that includes lean beef, whole grains, dairy, colorful fruits and vegetables. Also included are educational materials, interactive games, posters and curriculum.

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The Texas Beef Team is a group of fitness enthusiasts committed to fueling their active, healthy lifestyles with beef. This team consists of over 1,200 beef-loving Texans across the state who are working toward building a healthier Texas and sharing the positive benefits of beef with others.

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Many health professionals desire to learn about beef and beef production in order to answer consumer questions and keep beef included in dietary recommendations. Educating health professionals about the beef industry from pasture to plate allows for a deeper understanding of how beef is raised, the safety and quality standards in place throughout the industry, and the role beef can play in a healthy diet.

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