Reputation Management
Protecting beef’s reputation alongside industry partners and organizations.

TBC protects beef’s reputation by aligning and collaborating with industry partners and organizations to distribute accurate information about beef, beef producers and today's American agriculture.

The team engages beef advocates and maintains crisis management plans throughout the year.


Consumers demand high-quality, safe and nutritious products. As protein choices continue to expand, beef safety, quality and nutrition research are key to ensuring consumers have confidence in their beef purchasing decisions. The way to maintain and grow this confidence is through strong and effective science-based research and communication. Beef Checkoff-funded research programs have been used to respond to media and consumer concerns, by showcasing the beef industry’s commitment to science-based information and consumer education.


Not only is beef delicious and nutritious, but it's also a highly sustainable food source. The path to sustainability is never complete; It is a continuous journey being carried out by ranchers responsible for raising and supplying beef to the U.S. and across the world. Take a look at how today's ranchers are contributing to a more sustainable food supply.

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TBC works to provide resources for a variety of audiences. All producer and others involved in the beef industry are encouraged to utilize these resources as you continue to promote beef.

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Covid-19 Response

TBC is aware of the current market conditions and is adjusting the short-term strategic direction of programs. The Beef Checkoff is designed to build demand for beef products, and TBC will continue to proactively and efficiently invest checkoff dollars to promote beef to consumers while the world deals with the novel coronavirus. We are evaluating real-time digital insights and analytics about consumer behavior and trends to efficiently and effectively adjust TBC programs to meet consumer needs and successfully continue to inspire beef meals. Below is a summary of program changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For national checkoff program updates from Cattlemen's Beef Board — click here.

Check out TBC program adjustments below.

Beef Loving Texans Advertising & Content
  • The ‘All Plates of Life’ advertising campaign is still being implemented as planned through programmatic digital, social media, streaming radio, and streaming TV.
  • Paid and social communication for Beef Loving Texans (BLT) focuses on timely and seasonal topics like cooking at home, ground beef, air fryer recipes, and Chief Recipe Officer recipe videos.
  • In order to continue to create high-quality content that can be promoted across digital channels, TBC has extended partnerships with social influencers to create videos, recipes, blogs, and social posts that highlight beef as a preferred protein.
  • Because TV stations have closed their newsrooms, we've created virtual cooking segments from the homes of our spokespeople with recipes with few, simple ingredients and those focused on seasonal favorites. Eddie Jackson has also conducted several virtual media interviews discussing his role with Beef Loving Texans and beef recipes and cooking tips.
Nutrition and Health
  • Staff continues to bring evidence-based information about beef in a healthy diet to health professionals through virtual presentations and sponsorship of conferences held by respected organizations.
  • TBC is currently developing a new section of the Beef Loving Texans website that will be a one-stop-shop for health professionals, and updating the Fuel your Fun webpage targeting health and nutrition educators, PE teachers, athletic trainers and coaches. The website will encompass all resources including complimentary posters, handouts, games, videos and newly developed MyPlate curriculum.
  • The Raw Truth About Beef, an online immersion experience, has provided staff the opportunity to share the beef production story with Registered Dietitians, dietetic interns, and many others during a time when in-person tours and events are limited.
  • Staff continues to think of creative ways to safely engage the Texas Beef Team by offering socially distanced or virtual opportunities that promote beef. The team will be representing Beef Loving Texans in the It’s Time Texas Community Challenge. Taking place January 4 – February 28, the Community Challenge is a statewide competition inspiring people, organizations, and cities across Texas to choose healthy activities in support of a healthier community.
Retail & Foodservice
  • Participate in a number of virtual conferences such as the Annual Meat Conference which brings together over 1,000 meat industry professionals each year.
  • Staff continues to engage with retail partners to provide resources and share BLT content. Planning continues with consumer package good partners for the implementation of in-store promotion programs.
  • The brand new Beef Loving Chefs Podcast has completed season 1 with great success. A total of ten episodes were in season 1 with a wide range of interviews. The podcast has given a platform to Chefs and Restaurant Professionals to tell their stories with beef especially amidst the novel coronavirus.
  • Beef Loving Chefs brand continues to develop chef-driven beef video content for use on BLC social channels including YouTube and Instagram.
  • Staff continues to promote the Raw Truth About Beef online immersion experiences for chefs to learn about beef production. Promotion and distribution of Raw Truth materials for culinary teachers, ag teachers, and dietetic internship coordinators will continue throughout Texas and the nation as distance learning increases.
U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) International Programs

USMEF, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, works with countries worldwide to increase U.S. beef exports, and they are accustomed to the constant change in the international marketplace. The team is adjusting its messaging accordingly as the situation differs from country to country. The team has seen shifts in demand from foodservice to retail and delivery in Asia but also sees foodservice demand slowly rebounding. They continue to emphasize the integrity of U.S. beef and the reliability of the U.S. as a trading partner. Although some key international events have been canceled, USMEF’s 19 worldwide offices are conducting events as allowed in their respective countries, and if that changes, will switch to online/webinar-based conversations.