November 22, 2021

Beef Bootcamps Engage Meat Market Managers

When consumers are browsing the meat counter while grocery shopping, questions on types of beef cuts, preparation and even production practices are likely to come up. Chances are a chef or beef producer won't be available to answer those questions at the grocery store – but meat market employees and store managers are close by and happy to engage with customers. 

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) taps into these key influencers by giving them tools and resources to become beef advocates and encouraging them to positively engage with customers about beef products. TBC coordinates Kroger Beef Boot Camps, in partnership with Nolan Ryan Brands, to provide knowledge and build a stronger relationship with this audience.

"Kroger is a valued partner and is an important consumer touchpoint to deliver meal inspiration and connect with beef-loving Texans," said Russell Woodward, senior manager for channel marketing at TBC. "Meat market managers engage with consumers at the point of sale, and by keeping them up-to-date on consumer preferences and meal trends, it keeps beef top of mind." 

This year, more than 150 meat market employees and store managers attended these training sessions. Set up as 4-hour sessions, Kroger employees in Dallas and Houston learned how to merchandise middle meats like Sirloin, Strip, Ribeye and Tenderloin to maximize marketability and consumer engagement. Throughout the training, attendees received step-by-step presentations, activities and information including: 

  • Insight into what makes a fresh meat package attractive to consumers
  • Cutting and merchandising demonstrations 
  • Hands-on cooking sessions 
  • Grilling basics for consumers
  • Commonly asked consumer questions and conversations 
  • Kroger meat performance review and manager recognition

The Beef Boot Camp education experience began in 2012. Since then, hundreds of meat market managers have been provided with the science-based knowledge they need to answer consumer questions on beef.