January 11, 2024

Brookshire Brothers Showcases Beef In Stores

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) is partnering with Brookshire Brothers grocery stores throughout the Lone Star State to promote beef purchases by highlighting beef as a meal solution for busy families. 

Beef cuts at 120 Brookshire Brothers stores will feature new, on-package labels with the logo of Beef Loving Texans, TBC’s consumer-facing brand that aims to bring more Texans to the table over a shared love of beef. The labels will also include a recipe and cooking instructions for grilling, stir frying, slow cooking, broiling and marinating.

Brookshire Brothers Beef Label

“We’ve worked with Brookshire Brothers in the past to implement on-pack beef labels,” said Jason Bagley, vice president of beef resources for TBC. “We’re excited to see how our new labels with recipes and cooking methods will drive beef purchases both in stores and online.” 

The labels aim to encourage beef purchases for celebrations like spring cookouts and summer grilling, but also to showcase beef’s everyday role in convenient, budget-friendly meals. According to the Power of Meat 2023, an annual update of shopper habits, inflation will likely continue to drive consumers to prepare more restaurant-style meals at home. Recipes are another critical factor for consumers, with 52% saying they cook from a recipe at least once a week in a study conducted on behalf of the Beef Checkoff.

“Our research tells us that our target audience of Texans are interested in quick and easy recipes. They’re more willing to purchase beef if they understand how to prepare it,” said Rachel Chou, director of consumer marketing. “Through these point-of-sale tactics with Brookshire Brothers, we’re highlighting beef as a quick, delicious and nutritious meal solution for consumers who are wondering what to make for dinner tonight.”

TBC plans to continue furthering relationships with Texas-based retailers in order to provide tools and resources that help meat market managers positively engage with customers about all beef brings to the table.