Consumer Marketing

September 09, 2022

Connect with TBC at the State Fair of Texas

Each year, the State Fair of Texas promotes Texas agriculture, education and community involvement in a family-friendly setting full of fun and entertainment. The 2022 fair will take place September 30 through October 23, and Texas Beef Council (TBC) will host the Beef Loving Texans booth where staff will visit with fairgoers about all things beef. 

“The State Fair gives us the opportunity to connect with more than 70,000 consumers,” said Adriana Mora, TBC’s consumer marketing manager. “It’s an invaluable interactive experience where consumers can get to know the Beef Loving Texans brand and learn firsthand about beef’s many benefits and the producers who make it all possible.”

Beef Loving Texans will host visitors at a grilling-and-barbecue-themed 30’ x 30’ booth in the Go Texan Pavilion throughout the 24-day event. Staff members will manage the booth each week, providing beef cooking tips, brochures and information, as well as details on Season 3 of TBC’s original streaming series, BBQuest. Also at the booth, fairgoers can grab Beef Loving Texans bumper stickers, play a fun “Plinko” game to win prizes, take a photo in the grilling-themed photobooth and register for a chance to win a new grill. 

“While the fair is an ideal place for us to chat with consumers, we also connect with beef producers at the event,” said Jerry McPherson, TBC events and logistics manager. “The stock show during the fair is a great way for producers to see TBC in action.  Many producers come by the Beef Loving Texans booth to visit with us, grab a new bumper sticker, and see how their Beef Checkoff dollars are promoting beef to consumers.”

Booth staff will sport Beef Loving Texans branded merchandise, making them easily identifiable to fairgoers visiting the booth. This merchandise, including t-shirts, hats and more, will also be available for purchase in the Go Texan store, also located inside the Go Texan Pavilion.  

“The State Fair of Texas is a uniquely fun experience, not just for fairgoers, but for everyone from TBC who attends or works the booth,” said Mora. “Talking with people, educating them about beef, answering questions about grilling and smoking techniques and letting them know how beef can be part of a healthy diet -- it’s really an incredible opportunity for us to meet face to face with Texans from all walks of life.”

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