September 05, 2023

Sports Nutrition Game Plan Launches for Youth Athletes

Athletes constantly push their limits and strive for peak performance. For them, parents, and coaches, one element has stood at the cornerstone of that success: nutrition. 

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) is changing the game and delivering a power-packed beef nutrition resource for high school and college athletes called Sports Nutrition Game Plan. The program is a transformative guide that redefines how athletes fuel their bodies for optimal everyday living, training, performance, and recovery. By placing beef at the forefront of high-quality protein sources and providing coaches with an effortlessly implementable nutrition regimen, TBC equips athletes with the science-backed tools they need to excel on and off the field. 

Program Evolution  

To start, Amy Foster, manager of health and nutrition at TBC, set out to engage with educators and coaches on beef’s role in a healthy lifestyle. By attending conferences like the Texas High School Coaches Association, she realized there was a missing link when it came to sports—nutrition.

“A lot of high schools can’t afford to hire a sports dietitian, so I set out to think of an all-encompassing tool to serve coaches, athletes, and parents,” Foster said. 

Recognizing that beef should be a part of the conversation, Foster then distributed a survey to coaches, athletic trainers, strength coaches, and team support staff asking what their needs were for nutrition guidelines. Once the needs were understood, the Sports Nutrition Game Plan was developed with materials and resources like videos, recipes, meal plans, and tips for fueling and hydration.

To help develop credible content, Foster partnered with Amy Goodson, a Texas-based registered dietitian with an emphasis on sports nutrition. Goodson has a 20-year, long-standing history in sports nutrition ranging from little league to the NFL. 

Plan Into Action 

This year, the Sports Nutrition Game Plan was officially put into action, with more than 260 coaches, athletic directors, and trainers signing up to access this tool for their programs. Since launching, TBC has received great feedback from participants.

“They can’t believe this program is available and complimentary. Resources like this are so needed, and participants appreciate that TBC is addressing the importance of nutrition,” Foster said. “The goal is to make beef’s powerful nutrition part of sports culture, and we’re off to an amazing start.” 

Through the Sports Nutrition Game Plan, the next generation of athletes will be exposed to the benefits of beef’s nutrition for their workouts and overall wellness. Explore the Sports Nutrition Game Plan website and get involved by encouraging the athletes or coaches in your life to sign up and be powered by beef.