September 20, 2021

Texas Launches Build Your Base with Beef Sports Program

Schools across Texas are now implementing the Build Your Base with Beef comprehensive sports nutrition program. Launched in 2018 by the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, Sanford Health and the Sanford Sports Science Institute, Build Your Base showcases beef as the protein of choice. With a focus on young athletes in college and high school, this program strives to help those individuals prepare for a successful sports season through convenient resources. The Sanford Sports Science Institute supports and works with the Build Your Base program, adding tremendous credibility to what the program can help athletes accomplish. The institute is a recognized leader in sports science and sports medicine.

Build Your Base logo

TBC’s Build Your Base state partnership began in January 2021 when the program did a soft launch with a select number of schools. Following the initial launch, Amy Foster, nutrition and health manager for the TBC  said the program gained a significant amount of interest. “It’s amazing how much great feedback I’ve gotten from schools and coaches on the program,” she said. “This program has such great information and is a one-stop-shop for everything.”

TBC’s Build Your Base state partnership will be fully launched this spring with an estimated 10 to 15 high schools and the University of Texas Permian Basin participating. TBC saw a need for this program due to a lack of nutritionists in school sports programs. “A lot of schools can’t afford to have a nutritionist or dietitian available,” said Foster. “These schools were desperately looking for a sports nutrition program. Now the coaches have all the resources at their fingertips, and their students can fuel properly with beef.”

Texas students and coaches will have ready-to-use materials, best-in-class sports nutrition education and high-quality protein to support optimal performance. Also available are simple beef recipes and performance tips.

Knowing how important protein is to athletes to reach their optimal performance, TBC is working towards having Build Your Base be the go-to sports nutrition program for all sports across Texas. “With this program, we’ve already seen a lot of progress in our athletes,” Foster said. “This program just works, and coaches are excited to get this program implemented for their students.”

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