November 02, 2020

Texas Beef Council Launches New 'Beef Loving Chefs' Podcast

AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 3, 2020) – The Texas Beef Council (TBC) has launched Season One of “Beef Loving Chefs,” a new podcast that gives chefs and others in the foodservice and hospitality industries the opportunity to share their personal journeys, their relationships and experiences with TBC and the Texas beef industry and how they’re coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Texas has a tradition of producing both great beef and great chefs,” said Robert Hale, manager of TBC’s culinary and foodservice programs. “We wanted to give some of those chefs and other influential industry professionals an outlet to talk about their careers and how they’re navigating these particularly challenging times – and beef is what brings them together. By introducing this podcast, we’re continuing to nurture the beef industry’s all-important relationships with the foodservice industry and keep beef top of mind for these professionals.” 

Season One of “Beef Loving Chefs” will consist of 10 episodes, with TBC releasing new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. The podcast is hosted by Nick Solares, a British food writer for Eater magazine and self-proclaimed professional carnivore. During the podcast, Solares interviews chefs and other industry professionals, many of whom have previously worked with TBC on training seminars and other beef educational experiences. Guests to date have included Larry Delgado, chef/owner of three restaurants in McAllen, TX; Dr. Emily Williams Knight, CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association; Dr. Davey Griffin of Texas A&M University’s Department of Animal Science; and Daniel Vaughn, barbecue editor of Texas Monthly magazine. 

“Industry professionals are telling us how much they enjoy hearing the stories told on the podcast and that they’re encouraging their coworkers and industry contacts to check out the podcast as well,” Hale said. “We hope to continue this momentum through Season One with the possibility of launching Season Two in 2021. ‘Beef Loving Chefs’ gives us an opportunity to emphasize beef’s great taste and nutrition and encourage foodservice professionals to include more beef on their menus – now and in the future.”

To listen to an episode or subscribe to the podcast, search for “Beef Loving Chefs” using any podcast app on your mobile device or by completing an internet search on your desktop computer or laptop. For more information about Beef Loving Texans and the Texas Beef Council, visit

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The Texas Beef Council (TBC) conducts the $1 per head national checkoff program for Texas beef producers and is also the contractor for the Beef Promotion Research Council of Texas (BPRCT), which administers the $1 per head Texas state checkoff program. TBC’s mission is to increase beef demand in the state through programs of beef promotion, research and education. TBC also helps fund national and international beef checkoff programs to increase marketing opportunities around the globe.  The BPRCT’s mission is to improve Texas producer profitability by strengthening and expanding beef demand. The TBC and the BPRCT are directed by a 20-member board of cattlemen and women representing the state’s beef producers.  

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