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August 10, 2022



Award-winning Video Series Takes Viewers Beyond the Pit 

AUSTIN, Texas (August 10, 2022) – From beef ribs and barbacoa to curried brisket rice and pho rub beef belly spring rolls, viewers are in for a treat when they tune into BBQuest: “Beyond the Pit,” which premiered Tuesday, August 9 on Hulu. Season 3 of the popular video series that is “all things Texas barbecue” delves even deeper into the long-held traditions, new flavors and inspirations that make Texas barbecue so legendary. Besides featuring some of the state’s top pitmasters, this season also includes visits with cattle ranchers from across the state.

BBQuest “Beyond the Pit” follows four themes that capture the essence of Texas barbecue: Legacy & Tradition, Creativity & Innovation, Texas Trailblazers and Family & Community. Hardcore Carnivore cookbook author and BBQuest co-host Jess Pryles also developed recipes so viewers can recreate dishes inspired from each episode. 

“Since launching BBQuest four years ago, it’s truly remarkable to see how much has changed, and yet stayed the same, when it comes to Texas barbecue, and that’s exactly what you see in Season 3’s ‘Beyond the Pit,’” said Rachel Chou, Texas Beef Council’s director of consumer marketing. “There has been so much exciting innovation around cooking methods and international flavors, while there’s still a huge dedication to long-held recipes and smoking techniques.”

Here’s a run-down of each BBQuest episode, including the featured restaurants, ranchers and recipes.


Episode 1 - Legacy & Tradition

Ranch: Saunders Ranch (Weatherford)

Restaurants: Micklethwait Craft Meats BBQ (Austin), TRUTH BBQ (Houston) and Pinkerton’s Barbecue (Houston, San Antonio)

Recipe: Classic smoked beef ribs


Episode 2 - Creativity & Innovation

Ranch: Graham Land & Cattle (Gonzales)

Restaurants: Loro Asian Smokehouse & Bar (Austin, Dallas and Houston), Blood Bros. BBQ (Houston) and Curry Boys BBQ (San Antonio)

Recipe: Szechuan skirt steak with crispy rice


Episode 3 - Texas Trailblazers

Ranch: Caney Creek Ranch (Fairfield) 

Restaurants: Briscuits (Austin), Interstellar BBQ (Austin) and Goldee’s Barbecue (Fort Worth)

Recipe: Grilled Texas jalapeno cheddar meatballs


Episode 4 - Family & Community

Ranch: J.D. Hudgins, Inc. (Hungerford)

Restaurants: Smoke Shack, Smoke Shack Meat Market (San Antonio) and Panther City BBQ (Fort Worth)

Recipe: Tex-Mex Lasagne


BBQuest Season 3 kicks off with the Legacy & Tradition episode. Content is also available on YouTube and Previous seasons of BBQuest have been viewed by fans more than 2.9 million times. BBQuest has received an Award of Excellence from the Communicator Awards, a Gold Hermes Creative Award and recognition as a SABRE Award finalist.

Learn more about BBQuest and watch Seasons 1 and 2 at Beef Loving Texans is the consumer-facing brand of the Texas Beef Council. For more information about Beef Loving Texans and the Texas Beef Council, visit

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