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December 08, 2021

Texas Beef Council Releases Program Evaluations Detailing Key Successes in 2021

AUSTIN, Texas (Dec. 8, 2021) – During board meetings in late November, the Texas Beef Council (TBC) approved and released its FY2021 program evaluations, giving Texas beef producers the opportunity to see how their Beef Checkoff dollars were used to stimulate beef demand throughout that 12-month period. 

“Texas producers deserve and expect full transparency about the activities and initiatives their Beef Checkoff dollars are funding,” said Molly McAdams, TBC’s executive vice president. “We want to get that information to producers as quickly as possible. By reviewing these program evaluations, they can learn about last year’s Beef Checkoff investment results now, then see our full annual report and financials when they become available in early 2022.”

Full TBC program evaluations can be viewed at https://www.texasbeefcheckoff.com/your-checkoff/annual-reports, and include the following significant achievements in FY2021:

  • Generated 74 million views and 1.6 million clicks from BBQuest and “For All Plates of Life” advertising campaigns.
  • Shared Chief Recipe Officer Eddie Jackson’s content, including beef recipe videos, social media content, audio advertisements and photography, achieving 47 million views and 393,000 clicks. 
  • Implemented social media advertising to help Beef Loving Texans content reach more than one million clicks and 2.5 million video views, increasing engagement by 7% in 2021.
  • Executed retail promotions that targeted over 1,600 retail stores and distributed over 275,000 coupons.
  • Grew the Beef Loving Chefs influencer database by 68% to include 2,500 foodservice professionals, 900 Instagram followers and 2,200 monthly newsletter recipients.
  • Used direct messaging to reach over 550 doctors, 500 nurses and 230 nurse practitioners and physician assistants in 650 medical offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston.
  • Generated 7,578 Beef Team activations (race participation, volunteerism, continuing education and team challenges) despite COVID-19 limitations. 
  • Presented the MyPlate toolkit and free beef resources like the Raw Truth About Beef to over 135 teachers at the Summer Ag Institute and Family Consumer Science conferences.
  • Worked with USMEF, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, to conduct training seminars, virtual cooking classes, U.S. beef showcases and festivals, retail and foodservice promotions, BBQ competitions in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong/China, the Greater Russian Region, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

“TBC continues to work hard at promoting beef across this great state,” McAdams said. “We’ve taken steps to continuously improve our engagement and outreach efforts, from foodservice, medical professionals and retail to consumer advertising and promotion and everything in between. We hope Texas producers are proud of our work this past year, and we want them to know we’re always seeking out new, innovative ways to grow beef demand.”

For more information about Beef Loving Texans and the Texas Beef Council, visit TexasBeefCheckoff.com.     

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The Texas Beef Council (TBC) conducts the $1 per head national checkoff program for Texas beef producers and is also the contractor for the Beef Promotion Research Council of Texas (BPRCT), which administers the $1 per head Texas state checkoff program. TBC’s mission is to increase beef demand in the state through programs of beef promotion, research and education. TBC also helps fund national and international beef checkoff programs to increase marketing opportunities around the globe.  The BPRCT’s mission is to improve Texas producer profitability by strengthening and expanding beef demand. The TBC and the BPRCT are directed by a 20-member board of cattlemen and women representing the state’s beef producers.  

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